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If you are seeking a North Dakota expungement please review the expungement overview below. Check back often or Sign Up for an email alert when the North Dakota Expungement Kit is ready.

Requirement(s) to qualify for an expungement in the state:

  1. A person who was convicted of possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and has had no other convictions may apply for expungement of the conviction after two years.
  2. A person whose DNA profile is included in the state database because of a conviction which is later reversed or a case which is later dismissed.

Additional restrictions on who can qualify for an expungement

In the case of DNA profiles sought to be expunged, the subject of the records must submit a petition for expungement to the district court.

The expungement of a conviction for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana as provided is mandatory as a matter of law and does not require that a petition to expunge records be made.

Records of conviction for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana and DNA records related to convictions later reversed or to a case that is dismissed.

Does the law provide for sealing? What are the requirements?

Provides sealing conviction records, arrest records to be sealed or expunged in Child Molestation, Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery , Prostitution or Lewd Conduct. Motor vehicle records cannot be expunged.


What does it mean if you have a record expunged or sealed?

The process of legally destroying, obliterating or striking out records or information in files, computers and other depositories relating to criminal charges.

No. In the case of expunging DNA records, The laboratory must expunge all identifiable information in the database pertaining to the person and destroy all samples from the person upon receipt of a certified order.


Are you eligible for a North Dakota Expungement? Most crimes can be expunged. For a description of the crimes that cannot be expunged, click here .

Be sure to check the site often as we are in the process of adding the Expungement Kit for the State of North Dakota soon.

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