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If you are seeking a Colorado expungement please review the expungement overview below. Check back often or Sign Up for an email alert when the Colorado Expungement Kit is ready.

Requirement(s) to qualify for an expungement in the state:

Adult sealing of records:

  1. All charges must be dismissed, or the person charged must be acquitted of all charges, or the person was not charged with any offense;
  2. There is only an arrest record and no charges were filed in a court;
  3. For child abuse and neglect cases:

For juveniles:

  1. Immediately, if you are found not guilty at trial;
  2. After one year, if you are given a ticket or are arrested, but no further action was taken; or you completed a juvenile diversion program or informal adjustment;
  3. After four years, if the Court has terminated jurisdiction; or you are unconditionally released from commitment to the department of human services; or you are unconditionally released from parole supervision;
  4. After ten years, if you have been adjudicated a repeat or mandatory juvenile offender, and the Court has terminated jurisdiction or you are unconditionally released from parole supervision, whichever date is later
  5. For minors convicted of driving under the influence and all terms of sentencing are completed.

Additional restrictions on who can qualify for an expungement

For child abuse and neglect cases:

Any person in interest may petition if the records are a record of official actions involving a criminal offense for which said person in interest was not charged, in any case which was completely dismissed, or in any case in which said person in interest was acquitted.

For minors convicted of driving under the influence:

If over 21 years old and convicted for an offense committed while under 21 years old with alcohol level of at least 0.02 but not more than 0.05, having been a first and only DUI offense, and all terms of sentencing are completed.

Does the law provide for sealing? What are the requirements?


Normally, records in any court, correctional facility, law enforcement or criminal justice agency will be affected. Specifically, records regarding a person's detection, apprehension, arrest, detention, trial or the disposition of an offense within the criminal justice system are selected for expungement. Other records, which may exist in a court, such as property deeds, or civil lawsuits or judgments, will not be affected or expunged.

In juvenile delinquent cases any record that is ordered expunged shall, notwithstanding any such order for expungement, be available to any judge and the probation department for use in any future juvenile or adult sentencing hearing regarding the person whose record was expunged.

Driving records of minors convicted of driving while intoxicated may be expunged where conditions met.

What does it mean if you have a record expunged or sealed?

Expungement is the process of legally destroying, obliterating or striking out records or information in files, computers and other depositories relating to criminal charges

The effect of an expungement is that one's criminal record of arrest and/or conviction is erased and legally deemed not to have occurred.

No.The records cannot be accessed for general law enforcement or civil use. However, under certain exceptional situations, the expunged records can be searched, retrieved, and used, but this occurs only in exceptional circumstances and normally requires a court order or statutory authorization.

Under Colorado Statute, in cases of expunged records related to offenses against minors, the central registry of child protection shall destroy expunged records in its custody unless contrary to another law.


Are you eligible for a Colorado Expungement? Most crimes can be expunged. For a description of the crimes that cannot be expunged, click here .

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