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The Michigan Do–It-Yourself Expungement Kit invites affiliates to join our affiliate program. We would love to have you in our affiliate network.

Program Details and Highlights:   

  • Earn high commission of 15% per sale
  • 60 days cookie tracking

Our partnered affiliate network e-junkie.com is free to join and you receive timely commission for every sale generated through your efforts. Sign up now and start earning revenue today. We will be happy to discuss possible higher commission rates after we analyze the quantity and quality of your traffic. You will be sent an email for each sale originating from your website. Your earnings will be paid monthly via Paypal.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

There are two options. You can sell the product directly from your site  (Direct Sale button code) or you can redirect the visitor to our site (Hop Link button code).

  1. Click "Join our Affiliate Program"   Join our Affiliate Program
  2. Register by giving your email and password. You will be sent an activation code immediately.
  3. Please login with the activation code and enter your payment options.
  4. Click "Get Affiliate Code"
  5. You will see two options. Direct Button or Hop link button.
    Whichever code you want, select it - Keep the cursor inside the yellow box, right click your mouse, click "Select All". Click "Copy"
  6. Open the web page in a html editor and paste the code in the space where you want to display the link.
  7. Save the page and upload it to the server
    Immediately the link begins to work

   Join our Affiliate Program!

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